Jumpstart sign-up and log-in troubleshooting

Did you start signing up for Jumpstart and want to continue? Here’s how to do it. These same steps also work if you’re a current Jumpstart customer and want to access your account.

1. Navigate to jumpstartrecovery.com

2. On the upper right, tap “Log In”

Screenshot of where to login on Jumpstart insurance site

3. If you used an email address to create your account, select the email option. If you used Facebook or Google to create your account select those options to log in. For Facebook or Google accounts, you will not need to use the email address log in option – skip to step 6.

screenshot of how to login using your email address

4. Enter the email address you used when you started the sign-up process.
screenshot of the email address login box


4a. If you don’t remember what email address you used, try the one you think you used. If it’s the one you used, the system will send you the link. If you don’t get the link within 2 minutes, go back to “Log In” and try a different email address.
5. Navigate to your email and tap the link there for passwordless login

screenshot of the email you will receive for passwordless login

6. The system takes you back to the step where you left off.

screenshot of Jumpstart login step 6

7. For current customers, the system takes you to “Your Account.” From there, you can update your address, phone number, etc.
screenshot of current customer your account


If you’re still having trouble, please contact us on the chat box on the lower right of your screen, or call us at 510-891-1753.