Magnitude 7.1 Ridgecrest earthquake

UPDATE July 6: It’s been a long, scary night with hundreds of aftershocks. We stand in solidarity with our fellow Californians whose lives are affected by this earthquake. We are so relieved to hear initial reports of no deaths and no building collapses.

All of us at Jumpstart send wishes of continued safety for residents and responders.

Original post:

There continue to be earthquakes today and tonight centered near Ridgecrest, CA. The largest of these has been reported as Magnitude 7.1 (some reports, M6.9).

Remember: when you start to feel shaking, Drop, Cover, and Hold On.

This earthquake likely created a Jumpstart payout zone. The reason we say “likely” is that the determination is not final until 24 hours after the occurrence of the earthquake.

After 24 hours, we will notify all of our customers who are eligible to claim payment.

As a reminder, Jumpstart’s payment zone is defined by a peak ground velocity of 30 cm/sec. This is roughly equivalent to the “red zone” on the USGS Shakemap. At the time of this writing, the USGS interactive map was not yet populated. When it’s ready, it should be available at this link:

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