Top 3 Ways to Prepare for an Earthquake (and Life)

CERT earthquake training session

Getting through life is hard enough—who can afford to think about earthquakes? Well, here’s some good news: the same things that help us get through life are what will help us most in an earthquake: good friends, a financial cushion, and a phone charger.

(And yes, I did just reveal the secret of life in a top-three.)

It’s the anniversary of the 1989 Magnitude 6.9 Loma Prieta earthquake near San Francisco, CA and the annual week of the Great ShakeOut. School kids are practicing earthquake drills, and maybe some of your workplaces are, too.

Personally, I’m looking forward to practicing my “Drop, Cover, and Hold On!” If, to you, ShakeOut is a chance to take blackmail photos of your workmates squeezing under desks, I won’t judge you. Who’s the greater fool, after all?

But enough philosophizing. Back to…the top three: Friends, Money, Charger.

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The Top Three

  1. Friends: Know your neighbors. These are the people you will rely on. It’s so important we did a whole separate post on why it’s the most important way to prepare.
  2. Money: Find ways to tap into money when it’s most needed – like an emergency savings account, or a Jumpstart policy. If this sounds self-serving, let me put it this way: Getting money into people’s hands quickly is so important that it was worth it for me to walk away from the noble career of structural engineering. What good are safe buildings if people don’t have the resources and livelihood to use them?
  3. Charger: Everyone needs one, right? And after an earthquake, a solar charger will be your best friend. Maintain your line of communication even while power is down. And it makes a great gift…just sayin’…

If you want to get really involved, get CERT training to become an emergency response team member in your community. Or, if that’s too big of a commitment, dip your toe in, by following a few of your local emergency response leaders on social media. They’re full of great tips and they’re occasionally funny, too.

Bounce Back!

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