How can I Help Spread the Word about Jumpstart?

spread the word about Jumpstart

Our approach is new, our product is useful, and our passion for disaster preparation and resilience is undeniable! As a new Jumpstart customer, you have the unique ability to help us continue to grow our organization. Here are some ways you can spread the word about Jumpstart!

How can I Help Spread the Word?

1. Circulate our postcards

As a new customer, you can expect to receive Jumpstart postcards in the mail. Circulate the postcards among your friends, family, and community to spread the word about what we have to offer. If you want more postcards, please just contact us on the chat box, by email (, or by phone (510-891-1753)

2. Share your story

This is your opportunity to share your story with us. Use your favorite social platform to create a short post or upload a video sharing your earthquake and recovery experiences. Tag us on social media (@yourjumpstart).

Pro tip: Make sure to follow our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to stay up-to-date with Jumpstart, earthquake news, and preparation tips.

3. Tell a friend or employer

Tell a friend about Jumpstart. You should have received a coupon code in your email. Many of Jumpstart’s customers are spouses or partners living in the same house, each of whom have a Jumpstart policy, so in total the household will receive $20k after a large quake.

Jumpstart is perfect for small businesses and HOAs. Jumpstart also makes a unique gift to your favorite non-profit or school. We also have unique ways of working with realtors.

Finally, consider Jumpstart as a gift! There’s nothing quite like the gift of financial preparation for a grown child or other loved one. Remember, Jumpstart is for homeowners and renters alike.

The more of us who are financially prepared, the faster we’ll all recover after the Big One.

This is the final blog in our special 4 part series for new customers – your Jumpstart user manual! In case you missed them: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 – and thank you for being a Jumpstart customer!